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US AGENDA IN INDONESIA: Through the Psychologycal Warfare

Psychologycal Warfare
Jakarta (WWT) - A very interesting article, it could be our study material together (red). Source: Javanese Satay. With the original title "US AGENDA IN INDONESIA"

1. In 2009, ABAS accompanied SBY to receive an award from the Boston Club.

Wikileaks leaked.
Prior to the US, the US Embassy in Jakarta sent diplomatic messages to the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Council and the US Secretary of State.

2. What is the message?

In the sensitive but unclassified (SBU) category, the US Embassy in Jakarta reports ABAS profiles.

"US friends," maybe not many people know what Boston Club is. If you want to research more deeply on Google, you will know

3. Boston Club is think thank US renewal in the framework of the New World Order Era, funded by the Jewish conglomerate.

One of them is Rotchild, partners Hashim Djoyohadikusomo and Carl Icahn, Freeport McMoran's main shareholder.

Boston Club is the most prestigious social club in the US.

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The destruction of Islam in Indonesia

Jakarta (CoolContent) - This is the Nusantara Astrologer who can ensure the destruction of Islam in Indonesia.

Sabdo Palon is known as a spiritual advisor in the Land of Java, and also as a true Javanese guide, who manifests in many different bodies or bodies in each generation.

In his journey Sabdo Palon is not alone, he is paired with Naya Genggong, a duet to be a magical guide that manifests itself. Therefore both of them were always present to accompany the Javanese kings in the past.

Thus, it can be said that Sabdo Palon and Naya Genggong are not ordinary human figures, but are titles.

Sabdo Palon and Noyo Genggong are titles, which are given in accordance with the character of the tasks assigned to each, namely:

Sabdo Palon, "sabdo" means someone who gives input / teachings, and "palon" means the truth that reverberates in the Universe. So "Sabdo Palon" means as a servant who dares to speak the truth to the King, and dares to bear the consequences.

Naya Genggong, "naya" means nayaka / servant of the king, and "genggong" means repeating sound. So "Noyo Genggong" means a servant who dares to remind the King repeatedly about the truth, and dares to bear the consequences.

It is said that Sabdo Palon and Noyo Genggong became known during the time of Ratu Tribhuwana Tunggadewi (Mother of Hayam Wuruk), and remained faithful as a spiritual advisor until the leadership of King Brawijaya V.

Previously, Sabdo Palon and Noyo Genggong were better known as Sapu Angin and Sapu Jagad.

Sabdo Palon is widely told in the Jongko Joyoboyo Fiber Sabdo Palon, also known as Jongko Sabdo Palon, believed to be the work of poet R. Ng. Ranggawarsita.

The fiber was written as a prediction of the beginning of the destruction of Islam in the archipelago, after 500 years, the fading of the Majapahit kingdom.

Excerpts of poetry in the Sabdo Palon Term as a prediction of the destruction of Islam in Java are,

Pepesthene nusa press promises, yen wus jangkep limang atus warsa, kepetung era Islam, musna bali marang ingsun, gami Budi madeg sawiji, .....

(The fate of the homeland reached the promise, if it had been five hundred years, counting the days of Islam, vanished back to me, Budi's religion stood as one ...)

Final lines of Sabdo Palon Fiber Term, known as "Sabdo Palon Nagih Janji". Where in the Fiber Sabdo Palon notify social signs, and natural signs that will appear in the days of its return later.

Apart from the destruction of Islam in the archipelago, the fiber is also said to have predicted that there would be riots during the transition. It reads, including:

It seems that Sabdo Palon predicted the point of destruction of the Radical Islamic Religion in the Archipelago.

This prediction is the point of the destruction of the Radical Islamic religion in the archipelago, which is at the same time in line with the rise of the archipelago as the world's lighthouse

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Fatsun Politics is like a bicycle, if you are the Ruler, ride that bicycle. If you are a freeloader with a Ruler's bicycle, if you don't like it, please come down, but not rob his bicycle (Sapto Satrio Mulyo)
Jakarta (SSM) - Political Fatsun is one of the norms of political ethics which is the oldest in fair / sportsmanship politics, a concept of politics (power) of the Chinese people at first.

In countries where politics is mature, we can be sure that the people have understood and followed the mindset of this Chinese-style Political Fatsun. So they know, when it's time for politics, and when it's time to live in society in general.

When we live in an area that has a legitimate and sovereign government, then we should submit to and obey the Government System.

If we are not suitable, or do not want to adhere to the governance system in the region, then please leave the area, and look for another region, if the form of government is now a country, and if you face such a situation, then you should go out and switch to your citizens, that's just a person, or a moral person .

Fatsun is simply or simply digested as "Courtesy", which in the life of the Local Wisdom of the Archipelago is a norm that is held in high esteem, after the person has gone through a mature Kajiwo process.

If you are a "native" in the area, and you reject the Legitimate and Sovereign Government system through the mechanism adopted by the local State, then you are the Betrayer of the Nation. But if you are a migrant who in fact is not "native", then you are a political animal.

Humans have politeness in politics, while animals do not have politeness in politics, because animals only have an instinct to lose or win in politics. (SSM)

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History of the existence of Bananas - 8,000 Years BC

Jakarta (Dream Land Library) - According to Professor Stephen Oppenheimer

The elements of the young stone age (neolithic) are domestication, ceramics and shipping. Remember, agriculture is not the only form of domestication. What has been domesticated in Indonesia is tubers such as taro and cassava.

And Papua is a banana. The first banana in the world comes from Papua and is 10,000 years old.

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History of Brunei: First Brunei Sultan Muhammad Shah - 1,371 AD

Jakarta (PerpustakaanTanahImpian) - Brunei's first Sultan of Islam after marriage to Princess Johor.

Previously known as Awang Alak Betatar. The title of the king is called Aji. Inherited Naubat, Nakara, Ganta and Address from Minangkabau, Andalas State.

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History of Singapore: First Singaporean President Yusof Ishak - 1,910 AD

Jakarta (PerpustakaanTanahImpian) - Encik Yusof bin Ishak (12 August 1910 - 23 September 1970) was the first President of Singapore. He was born in Padang Gajah, Trong, approximately 18 stones from Taiping, Perak. His father, a descendant of the Minangkabau, came from West Sumatra and his mother from Langkat. They emigrated to Pulau Pinang and after that to Perak, Malaysia.

Encik Yusof is the eldest child in a family of 9 people. His father, Encik Ishak bin Ahmad, was the Director of Fisheries of the Straits and Allied Malay Countries. Encik Yusof received his initial education at a Malay school in Kuala Kurau, Perak. Two years later, he was transferred to the Malay School in Taiping and in 1921, began teaching in English streams at King Edward VII School, Taiping.

In 1923, his father was stationed in Singapore. Encik Yusof followed his family and continued his studies at Victoria Bridge School until December 1923.

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History of Malaysia: First Malaysian King Negeri Sembilan - Years 1,773 to 1,795 AD

Jakata (PerpustakaanTanahImpian) - Melewar Negeri Negeri Sembilan
Raja Melewar was Negeri Sembilan's first great dictator in the Malay Peninsula. He is a descendant of Yang Perttuan Pagaruyung (West Sumatra), who was sent to become king in Negeri Sembilan.

His full name is Yang Di Pertuan Besar Sri Paduka Raja Tuanku Mahmud Syah ibni al-Marhum Sultan 'Abdu'l Jalil, who is in the Big Country of Negeri Sembilan. King Melewar ruled from 1773 to 1795.

The Minangkabau settlers had lived in Negeri Sembilan since the 15th century. At first they were under the protection of Malacca, and then Johor. In the 18th century the weakened Johor could no longer protect Negeri Sembilan from attacks by the Bugis. Therefore the leaders of Negeri Sembilan requested that the king be sent from Pagaruyung to rule them. The king of Pagaruyung at the time, Sultan Abdul Jalil, granted the request and sent King Melewar to become king in Negeri Sembilan.

Before Raja Melewar left for Negeri Sembilan, Raja Pagaruyung had ordered a royal relative named Raja Khatib to leave early to make preparations to welcome King Melewar in Negeri Sembilan. But when he got King Khatib in the Waiting Series, he had claimed to be the king's son who was brought from Pagaruyung. Penghulu Menanti Series called Penghulu Naam then married his daughter to Raja Khatib.

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How to wash blood with avocado seeds

Jakarta, (WWT) - Kidney, don't rush to dialysis !!!

How to consume AVOCADED SEEDS.

  1. Avocado seeds are sliced ​​into small pieces and dried in the sun to dry (like crackers)
  2. Then grind until smooth
  3. Take the powder, weeping like we make kopia or tea
  4. Drink like we drink coffee, 3 times a day
  5. Drink until it returns to normal.
Avocado seeds are herbal ingredients that have benefits for the body. Among them is to reduce blood sugar levels, reduce high blood pressure, and reduce blood fat. These three benefits have been proven in studies that use samples in the form of mice.

* Hopefully this info is suitable and useful *

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Natural Kidney Wash Tips, Cheap, less than 1 dollar

Celery leaves
Depok, (Depokini) - For many years our kidneys filter blood by removing: salt, toxins & other unwanted substances entering our body. Over time, there is accumulation of salt and requires maintenance & cleaning regularly & periodically, at least once a month.

Here are tips for washing our kidneys that are cheap and natural, and the cost must only be Rp. 10,000, - cheap right ...!

Here's how:

1. Buy a bunch of celery leaves.
2. Wash thoroughly, then cut into small pieces & put in a pan.
3. Pour clean water, about 1 liter, simmer for 10 minutes & allow to cool.
4. Strain & pour into a clean bottle then keep in the refrigerator until cool. Drink one glass every day and you will see that all the deposits of salt and toxins in our body will come out of your kidneys when you urinate.

You will also see differences that you have never felt before.

Celery is known as the best NATURAL medicine for washing the kidneys !!!
So there are no side effects !!!

So, you should not rush to wash your kidneys, there are enormous benefits of celery leaves.
Celery leaves are more natural than chemical drugs that we consume too often.
Source: sunnah light group.
(Mas Gatot)

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Wonderful Indonesia branding colors the City of London

A total of 250 taxis in London carry the back of Indonesia's super priority tourist destinations
London (IndonesiaMandiri) - A total of 250 taxis and four units of tour buses bearing the Wonderful Indonesia logo returned around the city of London during the November 2019 period. London 2019 which takes place from 4 to 6 November at the London Excel Building.

WTM London is one of the largest international tourism exhibitions and exchanges as well as ITB Berlin and Dubai ATM. "This activity is a momentum for the world tourism industry players to gather. This was used by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to spread the Wonderful Indonesia branding, "said Nia Niscaya.

Four level tour buses in London also carry Indonesian tourist branding
This year Wonderful Indonesia is comparing four hop on hop off bus units from 1 November to 30 November 2019. Also 250 Black Cab Taxes in the 28 October to 24 November 2019 period. All of these units display the beauty of 5 super priority destinations set by President Joko Widodo, such as Wae Rebo, Padar Island and Pink Beach (Labuan Bajo); Likupang (North Sulawesi), Bolon House, Lake Toba and Batak Culture (North Sumatra); Prambanan Temple and Borobudur Temple (DIY Yogyakarta); Gili Kedis and Pantai Seger (Mandalika).

"The route is an area that is never deserted visited by local residents and tourists," explained Nia. Hop on hop off tour bus through strategic routes that become icons and attractions of the City of London such as the London Eye, Westminster Bridge, Westminster Abbay, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Circus, and so on (pn / ma).

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Sweden Join the UK to Develop Next Generation Fighter

Britain's "next generation" fighter
Jakarta (IndonesiaMandiri) - Sweden will be the first international partner for the UK to join the "Tempest" 6th generation aircraft development program. This collaboration involves both the government and industry, where the program had already been started by the British by utilizing the technological capabilities of its aerospace industry.

To support the program, the British conservative government has allocated a budget of 2 billion Pounds Sterling or the equivalent of two and a half billion United States Dollars to finance the initial phase of the program. The program will involve key industry parties such as BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, MBDA missile maker and British Armed Forces industry Leonardo.

The British government opens opportunities for cooperation with foreign countries on condition that they also bring capital, technology and market potential. According to military analysis, countries that have a new generation of advanced fighter aircraft development programs include, Japan, Italy, Turkey, and Sweden as well as the United Kingdom themselves, with the hope that they can be operated in 2035.

This Swedish and British collaboration is not the first time in a fighter plane. BAE which was once named British Aerospace once helped SAAB Sweden in marketing the Gripen fighter aircraft. SAAB has now sold the latest version of Gripen E to Brazil. According to one source, Brazil ordered 108 units of Gripen fighter aircraft. While BAE, along with its partners Airbus and Leonardo who produce Eurofighter warplanes, continue to make the latest version of Typhoon aircraft for both the domestic and export markets. Britain itself is scheduled to replace Typhoon with a new fighter in 2040 (mah / ab).

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