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Evolution of Human Hominids

Answering and finding Missing Link
Hominid-human evolution (widianto and simanjuntak, 2009)
The book "Sangiran Answering the World" was published by the Sangiran Ancient Human Site Preservation Hall, an institution that has the most authorization to publish it. The publication of this book is fully supported including its funding by the Government of Central Java Province. Pak Bibit Waluyo, Governor of Central Java, gave a speech in this book. Mr. Bibit certainly realizes that Sangiran is a world cultural heritage, which is very important in the world of paleoanthropology, especially the history of Homo erectus (Sangiran is currently the most important place in the world to study Homo erectus). Mr. Bibit hopes that Sangiran can become one of the important destinations in the 2011 Central Java Tourism Visit Year ″.

The book begins with an explanation of the Evolution Theory of Late 19th Century from the story of Charles Darwin, the founder of the theory of evolution 1859, controversies around him, his defenders and attackers, and finally tells of Eugene Dubois, a Dutch doctor who was obsessed with Darwin's theory then came to Indonesia, wandered to Sumatra then Java and finally in 1891-1892 he found in Trinil, Ngawi what he believed to be the missing link between apes and humans: fossils of skulls, teeth and left femur - all three made Dubois conclude that the three ex the fragment he found belonged to a creature, not an ape, not a human. Not an ape because when measured its brain volume was 900 cc (the most advanced ape brain - 600 cc chimpanzees; 1200 cc human brain), then the femur showed that the owner walked upright (of course Dubois knew because he was an anatomist). So two words were given for this discovery: Pithecanthrous erectus - humans like apes (or apes like humans) who walked upright. Match it as a missing link between apes and humans. In the 1980s, the name of the genus Pithecanthropus was changed to Homo, the same genus as modern humans.

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