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The Most Effective Diabetes Medication

Bogor (#Bogor) - Starting from the experience of caring for my mother, a person with diabetes, also known as Blood Sugar in Blood, which is also very popular, it is known that people with Blood Sugar, if their bodies are injured, will be difficult to cure.

In addition, my mother also strooped and almost all of her body was difficult to move, until all day, she only slept lying down.

Since one year ago, my mother's hips were injured (so in general, she was only supine), over time, my wounds made holes in the hips until they bled, and then fester and rot.

The wound began to widen and make holes here and there, until the wound looked very chronic, and resulted in "ROTTEN SMELL" (I don't need to show the picture because it is disgusting)

I tried to continue to consult with doctors about my mother's wound. The doctor said, if the side of the body has started to rot, then it must be CUTED, so that it does not widen everywhere.

While I tried various steps, the wound did not heal

Incidentally there was a colleague who suggested that my mother drink TALOK / KERSEN LEAF REBUSAN, which has the Latin name "Muntingia Calabura L", and I decided to try it ....

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