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Garuda Indonesia Cabin Crew Presents "Weaving Flight" Appearance

Garuda Indonesia promotes the work of the nation of woven fabrics worn by its cabin crew
Jakarta (IndonesiaMandiri) - Garuda Indonesia is making another innovation breakthrough in its flight services. This time, launching the thematic cabin crew uniform worn specifically on Garuda Indonesia's special flight service called "Tenun Flight" began to be shown to service users in October 2019. The launch event "Weaving Flight" was held at the Opus Ballroom, The Tribrata Dharmawangsa, Jakarta (10/14).

"The launch of the thematic cabin crew this time is a form of Garuda Indonesia's ongoing commitment to introduce the charm of Indonesia's cultural diversity as well as the promotion of the beauty of woven fabric as one of the unique cultural treasures of the archipelago," said Ari Askhara, President Director of Garuda Indonesia.

"More than that, the woven cloth used as a thematic uniform is the work of local craftsmen from several regions in Indonesia such as Bali, Yogya and others, which of course we hope will further open the opportunity for local weaving craftsmen to actualize their work to align with superior products. other national cultures which have already been popular, "explained Ari.

Garuda Indonesia cabin crew uniform "weaving flight" was introduced in October
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