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In America, a small hunk of Banana or Gedebog costs Rp. 85,000

A small hunk of Gedebog or Banana tree trunk which is sold at Hornbill Asian Market in the United States.
Depok, (Depokini) - Banana Trunk or known as Gedebog or in its English language Banana Stem - turns out to have a sale value. Even the sale value of a small hunk of Gedebog is sold at Rp. 85,000, or equivalent to $ 5.95 at Hornbill Asian Market, United States.

Even though this banana Gedebog is thrown away at our place ..., it turns out that this item is sold in the United States there.

Surely there are bananas bebebog benefits or benefits for health, especially as a developed country, citizens of the Sam uncle people will not spend for a hunk of bananas Gedebog if there are no benefits. It turns out that after going through a research process carried out by experts in the USA there, found 5 health benefits for consuming Gedebog Banana juice.

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