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Idham Aziz was officially appointed as National Police Chief

National Police Chief, General Idham Aziz during the inauguration at the State Palace, Friday (11/01/2010)
Jakarta, (Depokini) - General Idham Azis was officially inaugurated as National Police Chief, the inauguration of General Idham Aziz was held at the State Palace on Friday (1/11/2019). Idham replaces Retired General Tito Karnavian who was appointed by Jokowi to become Minister of the Interior in the Advanced Indonesian Cabinet.

The appointment of Idham Azis as National Police Chief based on Presidential Decree Number 97 of 2019 concerning the Appointment of the Indonesian Police Chief. This Presidential Decree comes into force from the moment of official inauguration.

Jokowi then asked about Idham's willingness to take an oath. The 1988 Police Academy graduate expressed his willingness.

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