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Natural Kidney Wash Tips, Cheap, less than 1 dollar

Celery leaves
Depok, (Depokini) - For many years our kidneys filter blood by removing: salt, toxins & other unwanted substances entering our body. Over time, there is accumulation of salt and requires maintenance & cleaning regularly & periodically, at least once a month.

Here are tips for washing our kidneys that are cheap and natural, and the cost must only be Rp. 10,000, - cheap right ...!

Here's how:

1. Buy a bunch of celery leaves.
2. Wash thoroughly, then cut into small pieces & put in a pan.
3. Pour clean water, about 1 liter, simmer for 10 minutes & allow to cool.
4. Strain & pour into a clean bottle then keep in the refrigerator until cool. Drink one glass every day and you will see that all the deposits of salt and toxins in our body will come out of your kidneys when you urinate.

You will also see differences that you have never felt before.

Celery is known as the best NATURAL medicine for washing the kidneys !!!
So there are no side effects !!!

So, you should not rush to wash your kidneys, there are enormous benefits of celery leaves.
Celery leaves are more natural than chemical drugs that we consume too often.
Source: sunnah light group.
(Mas Gatot)

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