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Sweden Join the UK to Develop Next Generation Fighter

Britain's "next generation" fighter
Jakarta (IndonesiaMandiri) - Sweden will be the first international partner for the UK to join the "Tempest" 6th generation aircraft development program. This collaboration involves both the government and industry, where the program had already been started by the British by utilizing the technological capabilities of its aerospace industry.

To support the program, the British conservative government has allocated a budget of 2 billion Pounds Sterling or the equivalent of two and a half billion United States Dollars to finance the initial phase of the program. The program will involve key industry parties such as BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, MBDA missile maker and British Armed Forces industry Leonardo.

The British government opens opportunities for cooperation with foreign countries on condition that they also bring capital, technology and market potential. According to military analysis, countries that have a new generation of advanced fighter aircraft development programs include, Japan, Italy, Turkey, and Sweden as well as the United Kingdom themselves, with the hope that they can be operated in 2035.

This Swedish and British collaboration is not the first time in a fighter plane. BAE which was once named British Aerospace once helped SAAB Sweden in marketing the Gripen fighter aircraft. SAAB has now sold the latest version of Gripen E to Brazil. According to one source, Brazil ordered 108 units of Gripen fighter aircraft. While BAE, along with its partners Airbus and Leonardo who produce Eurofighter warplanes, continue to make the latest version of Typhoon aircraft for both the domestic and export markets. Britain itself is scheduled to replace Typhoon with a new fighter in 2040 (mah / ab).

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