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This is the way, Indonesia will rule the world

Jakarta (WWT) Original title: "CUTE STORY from LAND PAPUA". It is said that once there was a village in remote Papua where the main income was bananas. Lots of delicious bananas produced from fertile soil in the village. Besides sweet, big, and supposedly the properties are very good for health.

That is why, there are many people who depend on the sale of bananas. But, because the area is remote, they have to sell the banana to the city and cover a distance of 30 km. With infrastructure that is still not good, they must walk, cross the river, carrying one or two banana bunches per person.

Arriving at the city market, the banana was immediately collected. Sold out. The money was obtained. And, the villagers immediately returned to their villages. But before returning home, there is a tradition for them to bring gifts home. And ... the most awaited by their family as souvenirs are usually * BANANG FRIED *.

Yes ... they went all the way to town, selling bananas, and then bought fried banana souvenirs. Most of the money from selling bananas is used to buy fried bananas.

Does anyone feel strange or funny about the story earlier? Some of my friends laughed at the story. All the way to the city of selling bananas, why do you bring banana souvenirs too? Why not fry it yourself? Various responses appear when knowing this story.

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