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Fatsun Politics is like a bicycle, if you are the Ruler, ride that bicycle. If you are a freeloader with a Ruler's bicycle, if you don't like it, please come down, but not rob his bicycle (Sapto Satrio Mulyo)
Jakarta (SSM) - Political Fatsun is one of the norms of political ethics which is the oldest in fair / sportsmanship politics, a concept of politics (power) of the Chinese people at first.

In countries where politics is mature, we can be sure that the people have understood and followed the mindset of this Chinese-style Political Fatsun. So they know, when it's time for politics, and when it's time to live in society in general.

When we live in an area that has a legitimate and sovereign government, then we should submit to and obey the Government System.

If we are not suitable, or do not want to adhere to the governance system in the region, then please leave the area, and look for another region, if the form of government is now a country, and if you face such a situation, then you should go out and switch to your citizens, that's just a person, or a moral person .

Fatsun is simply or simply digested as "Courtesy", which in the life of the Local Wisdom of the Archipelago is a norm that is held in high esteem, after the person has gone through a mature Kajiwo process.

If you are a "native" in the area, and you reject the Legitimate and Sovereign Government system through the mechanism adopted by the local State, then you are the Betrayer of the Nation. But if you are a migrant who in fact is not "native", then you are a political animal.

Humans have politeness in politics, while animals do not have politeness in politics, because animals only have an instinct to lose or win in politics. (SSM)

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