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US AGENDA IN INDONESIA: Through the Psychologycal Warfare

Psychologycal Warfare
Jakarta (WWT) - A very interesting article, it could be our study material together (red). Source: Javanese Satay. With the original title "US AGENDA IN INDONESIA"

1. In 2009, ABAS accompanied SBY to receive an award from the Boston Club.

Wikileaks leaked.
Prior to the US, the US Embassy in Jakarta sent diplomatic messages to the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Council and the US Secretary of State.

2. What is the message?

In the sensitive but unclassified (SBU) category, the US Embassy in Jakarta reports ABAS profiles.

"US friends," maybe not many people know what Boston Club is. If you want to research more deeply on Google, you will know

3. Boston Club is think thank US renewal in the framework of the New World Order Era, funded by the Jewish conglomerate.

One of them is Rotchild, partners Hashim Djoyohadikusomo and Carl Icahn, Freeport McMoran's main shareholder.

Boston Club is the most prestigious social club in the US.

Original article, click here
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